What happens when you approach projects from the perspective of an artist, a designer and a communicator? d3 Impact happens.

Our 5-Phase process has been developed over time to move projects forward in a thoughtful, customized way. There are no assumptions, no pat answers; our minds are wide open to your project's needs. Our model is based in a school of thought that adapts to any situation.

In Phase One we rely on secondary research, visual clues and architectural language. We hunt. We gather and farm. If you have the knowledge and the skills to do it all, do you have the time? We prioritize your needs and then guide your next steps.

Phase Two is all about the storytelling - yours that is. What's the mood of your project, the fundamental forms, what is the critical path to achieve the results you need? We draw upon our portfolio to establish a meeting of the minds and to define a common direction for developing concepts.

Through Phase Three we dig deeper. Who are your stake-holders? How can we engage them in the process? What will break traffic patterns and cause viewers to pause and gasp? How do we blend the informational and emotional elements of your project?

We challenge ourselves to think about the longevity and update-ability of the piece using timeless, classic design principles - we are of-the-moment but never trendy. Have a list of what-ifs? Our minds work that way too - we design, engineer and create for the best possible out come.

Phase Four arms you with support materials to cross-pollinate all your communication tools. When we are called in early on your project - often before architectural plans exist - you maximize your investment with us as a buffer and guide to implementing "right tech", not high tech.

Phase Five sees it all come to life. With our cadre of custom suppliers and supporters we build and install with integrity, foresight, and care. It all comes together on time and on budget, right down to unveiling your masterpiece at our carefully managed event.

Ready? Let's get started.